Fully Computerized Dental Office


We are Computerized to help give you the Best Patient Care possible. Computerization allows us to run our office very efficiently.

How can computers help with the dental care I receive?

Our Dental Software:

  • Accurately keeps records of your personal information
  • Assists with Scheduling Patients
  • Keeps a record of when you are due back for periodic exams and cleaning
  • Coordinates with a detailed Insurance Benefits database
  • Enables us to keep track of any Insurance Plan benefits you might have, so at the time of treatment, you will only be responsible for your portion. We will accept assignment of benefits from any insurance carrier which will assign benefits.
  • Keeps a record of the services you’ve received and the payments secured (from you or your insurance)
  • Helps us to treatment plan so that Insurance Benefits are maximized
    (Treatment can be stretched out over 2 or more years.)
  • Coordinates with our Schick Computerized Digital Radiography (CDR) System.
  • Allows us to keep you up to date on your Dental treatment.
  • Coordinates with our Microsoft Word processing software for improved patient correspondence.

Schick and Sirona Computerized Digital Radiography (CDR):

  • It is the current State of the Art technology.
  • Reduces the radiation to 80% less than conventional x-ray films.
  • Reduces the time (7 seconds) from exposure to viewing the image.
  • I have the extra time to discuss what we see and what treatment options are recommended, instead of waiting 7 minutes for darkroom processing.
  • All images are accessible and linked to the Dental Software.
  • Images can be magnified to full screen.
  • The contrast and darkness can be modified for better viewing.
  • The images can be colorized for easier viewing and interpretation.
  • We have instant retrieval of all CDR x-ray images.
  • We can put up to 4 images on the screen for comparison of radiographs.
  • You can see what I see with the images magnified many times larger.
  • We are reducing the amount of chemicals that need to be discarded or processed to prevent pollution.
  • We can email the images to other dentists and physicians and get an instant over-the-phone consultation while we both look at the same pictures.

Our Software is designed to allow us to:

  • Look up your Employer’s dental insurance
  • Find out if you have the option for better coverage
  • Help us verify your coverage and benefits
  • Send the claims electronically, if your insurance company allows electronic submissions
  • Print claims for insurance plans that require paper claims
  • Print out pre-treatment estimate insurance forms, to find out exact amounts that the insurance should cover.
  • Calculate your co-payments on a service by service basis
    (Preventive, Basic, and Major services are generally covered at different percentages.)
  • Calculate how much insurance benefits you have used and compare it to your employer’s plan’s annual limits.

How do these benefits of computers and insurance database work?

Our receptionist can have most of your relevant information at her fingertips. This includes recording all of your relevant individual details only once in our software database. This consists of the usual items such as your name, address, telephone numbers (home and office), insurance info, last visit, and last cleaning dates, etc.

If you have insurance, we subscribe to a dental insurance database service that gives us instant details of the various plans for over 10,000 employers on the East Coast. This database is updated monthly. With one phone call, my receptionist can discover the details of any policy that is not on our database. A second phone call to the insurance company to verify eligibility and coverage details allows us to accept assignment on most treatment.

We only require direct payment for deductibles, co-payments, or uncovered services. Our dental software directly ties into this insurance database. It imports the detailed insurance info and calculates the amounts we can expect from the insurance company and you with amazing accuracy (it’s not infallible, but we’ll bill you for any part not covered.)


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