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At The Center for High Tech Dentistry, we are always at the forefront of the latest research and technology in dentistry. Our team is committed to providing the highest quality and best in class dental care to help you achieve optimal oral health and a beautiful, confident smile.


CEREC Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Milling (CAM) offers advanced treatment options with less waiting time for a restoration. Depending on the procedure being performed, your dental restoration will likely be placed on the same day or next day instead of the usual wait of one to two weeks or more. Our advanced CEREC technology allows us to eliminate a second trip to the dentist, a second anesthesia shot and gloppy impression materials.

Using a special scanner, our doctors will take a digital impression without using traditional impression trays, improving patient comfort. The restoration is then designed using advanced computer 3D technology that will analyze the interaction of the new restoration with your other teeth. A custom made crown will be milled out of a solid piece of tooth colored porcelain/ceramic material providing strength that surpasses many crowns produced in a dental laboratory. Advancements in materials and technology have provided many options for great restorations that can both look great, provide superior strength and reduce the need for multiple visits to the office.

The use of lasers in dentistry has brought about many great advancements. The use of lasers allows for procedures that are less painful, reduce the amount of tissue loss, and provide a reduction in bleeding. The use of a laser allows some procedures to be performed without the use of a drill or the need for a shot. Our practice uses lasers to improve your experience in our practice allowing us to provide technologically advanced care.


With the addition of the latest caries detection technology, our doctors are able to detect caries at an early stage to provide minimally invasive dentistry. CariVu® Technology is a detection device that utilizes transillumination technology by using a near-infrared laser light to shine through normal enamel to detect cavities in between teeth, around existing fillings, and in deep pits and fissures that are not yet visible to the naked eye.

DIAGNOdent® Technology, uses a laser light to illuminate teeth and if decay is present, it reflects back a luminescent light of a different light frequency that is detected by the DIAGNOdent® unit. An audible change of pitch and a digital numeric output will help us distinguish decay from stain. The light used can “see” through intact enamel and reveal caries beneath in the hidden dentin layer earlier and less extensive (minimally-invasive) fillings can be done, long before decay can reach the pulp and more costly root canal treatment or extraction is needed.


The syringe is the number one cause of stress and anxiety for patients during a dental visit. In our office, we have incorporated The Wand® and the newer STA® (Single Tooth Anesthesia) System. Our doctors may now provide stress free computer controlled injections that are comfortable, consistent, accurate and painless every time!

Keeping continuous improvement of implant treatment flow, patient comfort and safety at the forefront, The Center of High Tech Dentistry incorporated the next generation surgical unit, iPad®-operated OsseoCare™ Pro, the first implant surgical drill motor to be operated by an iPad®. The unit is equipped with a double LED system that ensures ample and stable lighting during surgery and the MX-i LED micro-motor is the lightest and most powerful on the market.

Digital x-rays reduce the amount of radiation needed as compared to film x-rays.  The improved diagnostic capability of digital x-rays and the ability to view the x-rays on a computer screen allow the patient to better understand and follow treatment.  Digital x-rays are instant, there is no longer a need to develop the film.  Digital x-rays save time and increase patient care.  It’s also a very green technology.  By eliminating film, developer and chemical waste, it is better for you and the environment!
An intraoral camera combines the latest video technologies with dental care. Both the patient and dentist can see detailed images of the teeth and mouth in real time. With an intraoral camera you are able to better understand what is happening in your mouth and review the status of your oral health.

With SNAP® software we can take a photo and give a simulated view of what bleaching, veneers and cosmetic dentistry procedures can look like. The patient can see the changes possible with different dental technics to improve their smile.
Oral cancer affects thousands of Americans yearly. We use the latest technology to detect changes in oral tissue consistencies and/or lesions. A UV light is shined into the mouth to detect unhealthy tissue. Healthy tissue looks lighter under the light while spots of bad tissue appear dark. With early detection, cancer may be caught before it has time to spread, potentially saving lives.

Soft tissue lasers are used for periodontal (gum) surgeries. These lasers are more efficient, cause less discomfort, promote a faster healing time, and decrease risk of infection, providing a better outcome.

Using a thin, 29-micron-thick sensor, we can record 100 “Stress Pictures” per second during biting and chewing to analyze how the teeth come together and how the forces are distributed among the teeth.
These handpieces provide less vibration and noise than traditional dental drills. Not only are they quieter, they are also more efficient in tooth preparation, making dental procedures shorter and more manageable.
Using Electronic Medical Records, our practice is able to quickly and accurately access patient information in order to provide the utmost in patient care.  This helps to ensure patient confidentiality as well as reduce the need for paper.  Using a digital format allows for quick access to your information when needed for insurance records yet provides a secure filing system.
These television monitors are found next to every patient chair. Patients can watch a movie or TV show. Patients can also view their dental x-rays when speaking to the doctor about the findings for a better understanding of their oral health.
Our office offers free Wi-Fi for our patients to use while visiting our office.
Our office offers iPads® for our patients to use while visiting our office.

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