Patient Education

A major strength in my practice is the emphasis on patient education.

Oral Hygiene

During your initial examination and at each recall periodic exam and cleaning, we will assess your oral hygiene and the resulting state of your gums. Basic oral hygiene is presented through video tape and individual demonstration of flossing and brushing techniques. You can also receive a “Mouth Owners Manual.” You receive an Owner’s Manual for also everything you own from a car to a toaster but most of us never received detailed information on how to proper care for our teeth and gums.

We have a second video for our patient’s with periodontal problems that can inform and motivate them on the extra concerns of gum disease.

CAESY Education System

In addition, we use the CAESY Enterprise and DVD systems to review individual oral hygiene topics (Irrigation, Floss Threaders, Fluorides, Sealants, etc.) as well as other general topics on dentistry (Root Canals, Cosmetic Dentistry, Implants, Etc.)

If there is any presentation that you would like to show someone else — just ask and we are now able to make a custom take-home CD with just the topics you want. You can also get info from their patient information site which you can print out on your printer.

Plain Old Doctor-Patient Discussion

I feel that a major part of my role as a dentist is as a dental educator and communicator. In addition to many pamphlets and charts, I like to sit patients up and discuss my findings face to face. Many patients have a variety of previous dental experiences and many of my patients are amazed at how things have changed. I try to talk in plain English and educate about various dental terms, rather than talking in Dentalease — if there is ever anything that you don’t understand, please feel free to stop me and ask. I try to follow the philosophy of “Inform before Performing” any needed dental care. We can explore all of your treatment options. For example, when most of a tooth is more filling than tooth and part of the remaining walls fractures off during chewing, we generally recommend a crown to cover the tooth. I however have had patients who could not afford a crown and alternatives such as extended fillings or temporary crowns have been done, while the patient prepares for being able to afford a crown.

I hope that the many links on this site will serve to explain many aspects of modern dentistry, so you can be well informed about all that is offered and available to you and your family and friends.