Six Month Smiles®/Fast Braces®


6 Month Smiles®/Fast Braces® is a system of using clear brackets cemented to the teeth with tooth-colored memory wire that is fixed to the brackets by clear attachments. The teeth are guided to a level well-aligned position by the gentle forces of the memory wire that will return to a proper, normal dental arch form. Here is a picture of a patient undergoing Six Month Smiles®/Fast Braces® treatment. Note that the braces and wires are tooth-colored and almost disappear.

Patient with Six Month Smiles®/Fast Braces®

Six Month Smiles®/Fast Braces® can give you a beautiful smile, quickly and comfortably.

If your teeth have either gaps or are crowded and overlapped, your 6 Month Smiles treatment can generally be completed in six months or less. If your situation is more severe, then up to 9 months may be needed with this short term orthodontic approach.

How is the Six Month Smiles®/Fast Braces® approach able to do this. The focus is on aligning the front 6 or 8 upper and lower front teeth that are most visible in your smile. Using gentle forces, the teeth are guided into position. You will come in to the office for adjustment of the wires every 4 weeks and you can hardly see the clear brackets and tooth colored wires. No more “Black Metal Braces Grin” and alignment of the teeth to a gorgeous happens in months, instead of years. State-of-the-art armermentarium is used with the Six Month Smiles®/Fast Braces® system:

6MS Esthetic Brackets & Wires

By contrast, the goal of conventional orthodontics is much more comprehensive in not only aligning the front teeth, but positioning the posterior teeth in as “ideal of an orthodontic position as possible,” correcting the front-to-back relationship for patients with an “underbite” (known as an Angle’s Class III jaw relationship), bringing an under-developed lower jaw forward and reducing large upper “Overjets” (known as Angle’s Class II relationship), aligning the midline to the midline of the face, providing for a bite that opens with only the canine teeth touching when the teeth are moved to the left or the right, and getting all of the posterior teeth to interdigitate in an ideal relationship. If you need conventional comprehensive treatment, then you will be referred to a board-certified orthodontist for their consultation and treatment.

We still offer Invisalign, but there are several smile problems (such as trying to bring teeth down into a level alignment, which we call extrusion) for which Invisalign is not an efficient and predictable solution. Simple Invisalign cases treated with Invisalign Express generally take 20 weeks of active treatment and 6 to 10 additional weeks of active retention. More complicated cases that I have treated with the Full Invisalign product involved up to 18-20 months of active treatment, and patients have generally stopped treatment before they were truly finished because of the many months of meticulous, slow progress. Six Month Smiles®/Fast Braces® could have accomplished the “Esthetic and Cosmetic Smile” end result in much less time.

The Six Month Smiles®/Fast Braces® system is meant for people whose back teeth bite is okay and for whom the main concern is aligning their front teeth, so that they can smile with confidence. Six Month Smiles®/Fast Braces® works quickly by focusing on moving the teeth that show when you smile without significantly changing your bite. The low-force process moves teeth with little or no loss of tooth structure, allowing for shorter treatment times that are safe and relatively comfortable, too. Not everyone is a candidate for Six Month Smiles®/Fast Braces®, so call today for a complimentary consultation.

Why wait any longer to have straight teeth?

Have you ever wished you could have straight teeth without spending years in conspicuous metal “Railroad Track” braces? You’re not alone. In fact, more and more teens and adults are looking for effective and affordable ways to enhance their appearance that will deliver swift and lasting results. With the revolutionary Six Month Smiles system, patients can now gain straighter smiles in an average of six months at Dr. Simon W. Rosenberg’s High Tech dental practice in Manhattan, New York City, New York.

Expert care you can trust

A firm believer in staying on the forefront of his field, Dr. Rosenberg has brought a number of high technology systems into his practice. Now, joining CEREC 3D CAD/CAM one-visit crowns, Digital Radiography, Invisalign orthodontics, Snap Dental Digital Cosmetic Imaging, Diagnodent Caries Detection using a special laser measuring device, Biolase Waterlase MD Laser Dentistry for both hard tissue (removing decay) and soft tissue (gum, aphthous ulcer, herpetic lesion, etc.) problems, Dr. Rosenberg has added the Six Month Smiles system to his practice.

What makes Six Month Smiles different?

Unlike traditional orthodontics, this teeth-straightening system produces dramatic results in approximately six months.

The advantages are:

  • Discreet – Clear brackets and tooth-colored wires are much less obvious than traditional braces. Six Month Smiles won’t be obvious during the 4-9 months of treatment.
  • Effective – The Six Month Smiles system shifts the teeth that show when you smile, rather than attempting to overhaul your bite alignment. For patients who don’t need in-depth orthodontic treatment, Six Month Smiles delivers exactly what you are looking for: esthetic results with a straighter-looking smile.
  • Comfortable – You might assume that the faster braces work, the more painful they must be to deliver the results. Fortunately, that’s not true with Six Month Smiles! Nickel-titanium wires provide gentle, steady pressure that efficiently moves teeth into their ideal positions.

Is Six Month Smiles the right choice for me?

With Six Month Smiles, crowding and spacing of your front teeth are addressed. If you have more extensive bite alignment problems, Dr. Rosenberg may recommend Invisalign for more in-depth treatment or refer you to a board-certified orthodontist if he feels the care you need is beyond his expertise.

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