Removable Partial Denture


A removable partial denture replaces multiple missing teeth in either the upper or lower jaw. This replacement of missing teeth is necessary in order to restore your mouth to its original functioning condition and maintain normal facial contour. If a condition of missing teeth is left untreated, the remaining teeth may drift. Drifting teeth can lead to a bad occlusion (bite), additional decay and possible gum and bone problems.

Each partial denture is precisely made to fit an individual’s unique situation. It is designed to be removable. The partial denture is held with clasps that are comfortably fit around a select few of your remaining teeth . A partial denture is cosmetically designed to hide all metal whenever possible. The artificial teeth and guns are colored to match an individual’s natural teeth and gums.

Partial Dentures can be made by a variety of techniques and with a variety of denture materials, which will affect the wearing characteristics and the cost of denture care.

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